Podcasts from Spinoza and Proportion Conference

Podcasts are now available for all the papers from the recent Spinoza and Proportion conference at the University of Aberdeen. The links below enable you to hear the papers and to see corresponding visuals of the speakers’ on-screen presentations.

Simon Duffy (Yale-NUS College, Singapore), “Proportion as a barometer of the affective life in Spinoza”

Valtteri Viljanen (University of Turku), “Spinoza’s ontology geometrically illustrated: a reading of Ethics 2P8S”

Anthony Uhlmann (University of Western Sydney), “‘The eyes of the mind’: ratio and art in Spinoza and Swift”

Timothy Yenter (University of Mississippi), “Harmony in Spinoza and his critics”

Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen), “Spinoza’s ratios and relational autonomy”

Heidi Ravven (Hamilton College), “Ratio and activity: Spinoza’s biologizing of the mind in an Aristotelian key”

Mike LeBuffe (University of Otago ), “The place of body in Spinoza’s metaphysics”

Helene Frichot (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), “Slownesses and Speeds, Latitudes and Longitudes: In the Vicinity of Beatitude”

Gokhan Kodalak (Cornell University), “Spinoza, affective architecture, and proportionate power”

Peg Rawes (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL), “Dissimiliarity: Spinoza’s geometric ratios and housing crises”

Stefan White (Manchester Metropolitan University), “The greater part: how intuition makes a better world”