“Peabody names small projects shortlist”

The Peabody Housing Association has announced a shortlist of 20 young architectural firms, out of 300 entries, for its small projects competition (see Peabody;  and The Guardian and Building Design, 10th January), which will lead to 3 sites being developed in London with approximately 20 homes on each.

Forthcoming book – All That Is Solid: The Great Housing Disaster

An interesting publication is due out at the end of February by Danny Dorling (Oxford & Sheffield Universities) titled, All That is Solid: The Great Housing Disaster (Allen Lane).  Dorling also heads up the Social and Spatial Inequalities Group.  

Housing Design Diary

Architect, Rae Whittow-Williams (Paul Davis + Partners Architects) and I are discussing the blog’s ‘housing design diary’. Rae will be producing design responses to current discussions about UK housing issues, for example, engaging with policy and advisory material, including the Draft London Housing Strategy 2013.


5-6 December: Visit to Stockholm KTH Royal Institute of Technology to give a lecture and seminar with colleagues and students from the Critical Studies in Architecture programmes.

My host, Helene Frichot, shares an expertise in Spinoza. She, her colleague, Katja Grillner, and I discussed questions of critical philosophical approaches to PhD research, including discussions with architect colleagues doing PhDs in housing design and urban planning. Conversation included: the lack of housing in the swedish housing sector; the term – ‘house-holding’ (from Asa Stjerna) – as way of thinking about short-term/rental and global housing contexts; approaches to demystifying the distribution of power throughout the housing sector, and the responsibility of the architect (Anna Braide Eriksson).